1. What is The Chaplain Connection®?

The Chaplain Connection® has been created for chaplains to access valuable spiritual care information and connect with other chaplains worldwide. It has one stop, online access to continuing education, networking opportunities, literature affecting the field and valuable programming ideas and resources. Membership (introductory rate) is only $9/ month.


2. Who is The Chaplain Connection® intended for?

The Chaplain Connection® is intended for anyone in the field of spiritual care who is looking to support, inform and enhance his or her chaplaincy practice.


3. Why is this valuable to my institution?

The Chaplain Connection® has resources that will help you individually, as well as information to strengthen your department. Rather than spending an enormous amount of time on developing materials for your institution, you can use the resources from The Chaplain Connection® and spend more time with patients and caregivers.


4. Can this be reimbursed or should it be included in my department budget?

Check with your administrator to see if your institution would pay for this valuable service.


5. What is the value proposition I can give to my administrator?

You can use the language below as a starting point with your administrator. The Chaplain Connection® is a comprehensive, online resource center dedicated to strengthening chaplaincy departments by improving the provision of spiritual care. It provides valuable resources, evidence-based research, self-care resources to prevent burnout and chaplaincy education to help improve the care we provide to our patients, families and staff and to amplify the reach of the Chaplaincy Department. The Chaplain Connection® is based on HealthCare Chaplaincy NetworkTM’s extensive 50+ years of providing professional chaplaincy care to more than 5 million people. HCCN is a leader in helping people and families facing illness and suffering find spiritual comfort and meaning.

The information and services provided on the site are valued at over $1000; however, the introductory annual membership is only $108. I request that we purchase a membership for each staff chaplain to access this helpful information. Please note this is an introductory rate.


6. I have questions and comments about the site. Who should I contact?

You should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more, ask questions and make suggestions.